Leonard Chan - UC Davis Extension Brewing Program

Irvine, CA

What did you learn through this experience?

As Professor Bamforth exclaimed, *British accent* "Pour with vigor!!!". Bubbles are great for creating head to keep beer fresh and crisp, but I did know that before. The biggest nugget of knowledge I took home with me is that brewing can be as simple as following steps, but can be as detailed and customized depending on just how much involvement you want. From fresh hops to pellet hops down to the strains of yeast to use will all dramatically change the taste of your final product even with the same point of ingredients per batch. That's the beauty of brewing! 

Lastly, I learned that my chemistry acumen has definitely taken a sharp nosedive since college.

What do you hope to do with this knowledge?

I hope to be able to support our brewer, Emily Veau, in all facets of her process and be able to give her my input on how we can create fun and very drinkable beer. We want to tinker around with as much as possible while still keeping the soul of the beer base intact. 

How has IAM been an impactful part of connecting you to this experience?

I was teetering on going because we had projects upsetting on the horizon and, to be honest, a good chunk of my funds were tied up. IAM was able to help me realize such a great learning experience that I may not have made the time or budget for otherwise. Sometimes you need even the smallest nudge to get you going, and IAM was there with just that type of encouragement. 

What are your thoughts on IAM as an organization dedicated to connecting artists to things that will inspire them?

Having IAM dedicated to connecting artists with their inspirations is absolutely amazing. A lot of non profit organizations hide behind a shroud, blurring the lines of personal intentions versus the intentions of those they are supposed to support. IAM has been nothing but 100% transparent, the world would be a better place with more of these organizations around. This is why we try and give back to IAM whenever we can, so that others can have the same level of opportunity that was given to me.


Bobby Navarro