Elizabeth Martinez - Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Photo by Greg Nagel of OCbeerblog.com

Photo by Greg Nagel of OCbeerblog.com

Costa Mesa, CA

What did you learn through this experience?

What do you hope to do with this knowledge now?

How has IAM been an impact-full part of connecting you to this experience?

What are your thoughts on IAM as an organization dedicated to connecting artists to the things that will inspire them?


"It's been a busy incredible summer partly in thanks to Inspire Artistic Minds who generously sponsored me to a life changing trip to this years "Tales of the Cocktail" in NOLA 2017. My journey to the start of my bartending career was an easy one, but navigating through a new age of mixology has been a challenge. My passion has always been the people and the experience not so much the craft of "cocktailing" (I will be the first to admit this about myself). It wasn't until my boss secretly entered me into a Negroni competition in which I won first place, that I really began to grow a true passion and much needed confidence for the art of mixology. After the competition, I started on a path to create, but still felt like I was missing something. So I decided to cash in my prize awarded by IAM and attend TOTC in NOLA. To say it was a life altering experience is an understatement! I can go on forever about the convention, all the knowledge it taught me and how it inspired me through and through or how the beautiful people of New Orleans left such an incredible mark on my heart not only for there TRUE HOSPITALITY but their strong will and resilience in the face of adversity, but there isn't enough time to express it all. I can not THANK IAM enough for this experience and the gift of creativity they have brought out in me, a crazy girl, from the wrong side of the tracks. With this new knowledge I have acquired I am now focusing on creating a new Cocktail  menu for our all ready successful bar program and I couldn't be happier. I Am a true testament of what IAM STANDS for. Because of your foundation my mind has been truly inspired! "

Bobby Navarro