Application Deadline is June 3rd and Winners will be announced on June 10th

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Thank you for applying for this year's competition hosted by Inspire Artistic Minds, Orange County Bartenders Cabinet, The Blinking Owl and Campari. The competition will be held at Playground in Downtown Santa Ana, ca on Sunday, June 30th 2019 from 12:00 am - 4:00 pm. By entering this competition you will have the opportunity to win an experiential scholarship upwards of $1,500, that will go towards an educational experience of your choosing. Best of luck and may the best Negroni win! 

This competition will consist of six bartenders who will be selected to compete based on the cocktail that you submit on the form below. This cocktail can be anything you would like but you must name it, explain all ingredients, and portion amounts. This cocktail should show us your knowledge and creativity through the ingredients you to choose incorporate, and the techniques you use to balance them.


The tasting panel will include an Orange County Bartender's Cabinet (OCBC) representative, a brand representative, a food/drink writer, and a seasoned bartender. The panel will receive one full cocktail to show presentation and four tasters to then sip and score the drinks blind, meaning they won't know the bartender who created the drink. They will award points on taste, being the most important, followed by technique, then authenticity and creativity - how well the drink stands on its own merits while still representing what a Negroni is. Points will also be awarded for aroma and appearance. 

The technical judge will score points based on technique and presentation, neatness and efficiency, confidence, appearance and conduct. Technique will make up a large portion of the overall score. Plus a winner will also be chosen for having the highest technical score. Be yourself and represent your bar/restaurant professionally. How you set up and serve throughout the event will factor into your overall score. 

The drink with the most total points will win. We are using a detailed standard of judging to most fairly award the bartender who served the best Negroni variation of the event.

All bartenders competing will have a set list of ingredients that will be MANDATORY to use for the competition. Outside of those set ingredients you will have full artistic and creativity range to create your variation of a Negroni. The set list of ingredients will be sent to the competing bartenders with enough time for practicing and adjusting recipe with ingredients. 

*Claiming your scholarship - After the Negroni Week competition ends, the winner of the scholarship will work with us directly to decide upon and plan the overall experience awarded. If needed, we will book all airfare and lodging after the experience has been selected by the winner. After airfare and lodging costs, the remaining scholarship funds will be distributed to the winning bartender after they successfully attend the said experience and supply receipts for the experiences they had.

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This should include your cocktail name, list of ingredients, portion amounts of each ingredient, and the process / technique that you would use to create it.
In order to participate in this competition, the bar or restaurant you are representing must sign up for Negroni Week and select Inspire Artistic Minds as your charity of choice. You will be required to use the products provided by our sponsors and must be an active supporter of the Orange County Bartenders Cabinet. By initially, you provide IAM and their partners & affiliates the right to feature you and your concept in any and all press releases and coverage for the event.
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